Gamumbi Early Childhood Education Centre

Learning through Play

playingAt Gamumbi, our program is carefully designed and planned to meet the individual needs of the children, taking into account their interests, background, skills and abilities.  We provide a flexible program to enhance  your child’s holistic learning.  All children (0-6 years) are offered a flexible educational program, which is designed around individual children’s interests and strengths and reflects our philosophy of learning and the principles, practice and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia.

We support the development of dispositions required for all areas of growth and learning. We encourage children to be free thinkers, prepared to problem solve, be curious about the world and to be caring and empathetic citizens.

Our programs are available for families to review on Large diaries located in each learning environment and families are also invited to view their children’s individual Learning Journal throughout the year, also located in the children’s rooms. We invite families to comment and make suggestions to further enhance our program and the learning experiences we provide.

We believe in providing aesthetic and authentic environments both indoors and outside, with a wide variety of loose parts and open-ended materials for the children to explore and use as possibilities in their learning. Our goal is to support children to be creative, to solve problems, to be responsible, and autonomous thinkers who are connected to their world and in doing so learn valuable skills and attitudes to encourage lifelong learning.

“Learning is not a race for information, it’s a walk of discovery.”  Anon.