Gamumbi Early Childhood Education Centre

Our Philosophy

Gamumbi was once beautiful forest country and home to the Gumbaynggirr people of this region. We recognise their long history of this land and the care they gave to this land for thousands of years. We acknowledge these traditional custodians and pay our respects to Elders both past, present and future. We must remember that under the bricks and mortar this land was, is and always will be traditional Aboriginal land.

The painting depicts the journeys of children from their Families to Gamumbi. The pattern that divides the piece from top to bottom is the Boambee Creek. This, plus the earthy yellow and pink of the local clays gives a sense of place.




Gamumbi Early Childhood Education Centre acknowledge the traditional owners of our land, the Gumbaynggirr people and the knowledge and traditions that exist within their culture. Gamumbi embraces the Gumbaynggirr culture and sees it as an important inclusion to the Gamumbi philosophy and curriculum.

 Educational Program

We respect a child’s right to play and to be a child. We believe children learn skills for lifelong learning through play and the spontaneous and intentional teaching opportunities it provides. At Gamumbi we acknowledge children’s need for uninterrupted blocks of time for play, learning and developing relationships. It is in these long moments of play that children create, repeat and revisit ideas which in turn has a positive impact on important brain development and neuroplasticity. During this time, the educators support and facilitate spontaneous inquiry based opportunities for learning, using authentic, real life experiences, opportunities and tools. We believe in the importance of children spending time in the public space, being a part of and amongst the broader community, to be seen and to be heard as citizens in their own right.

We provide children with risks and challenges within their play, environment, and routines to encourage them to become responsible, capable and self-assured.


Gamumbi staff work in collaborative partnerships with families and the local community to ensure we provide a quality service that is respectful and fosters positive outcomes for all community members. Staff will advocate for all children and share this knowledge with families and the community.


Gamumbi believes in the importance of relationships between children and adults in the early years and strives to provide a consistency of educators to support this. Our educators have a wealth and diverse knowledge and experience and use their skills and interests to enhance the curriculum. Gamumbi personnel are supported to accept change, stress, and challenges as inevitable aspects of life, and to consider these as positive opportunites for professional and personal development.


Our environment provides learning opportunities for children through the engagement of natural and open ended resources in permanent learning spaces. We recognise the impact the natural environment has on children’s learning and therefore provide open and natural spaces to develop a child’s sense of belonging to the environment.   Gamumbi acknowledges the health and learning benefits for children’s connection with nature and therefore provide an environment where children can explore the seasonal changes and the elements that occur in our outdoor environment. We believe in helping children develop life-long sustainable practices and believe through immersion in nature and meaningful conversations they develop a love and respect for the world they live in.